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Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Blah, Blah, Blahs.....

I really should be sewing but thought I would share some random photos instead. We have had a very busy weekend with all of the weekend festivities. Between basketball, community Easter egg hunts, church and Easter outings we were barely home. We did, however, manage to work on my newest piece of furniture made by my FIL (thanks Paw-Paw)!! It isn't quite done yet but I am hoping it will be done by the weekend.

Now for the random order.

Isn't she pathetic? This is what Daisy did while we were working on this.......

What is it you ask? Well, it is my new cutting table! :) WOO HOO!! We got it all sanded down and stained. I say we but I really mean my FIL. Now all I have to do is varnish it then it will be ready to use! I cannot wait to start using it! I need to find some really cool drawer pulls for it. Any ideas of where I can find some really cool ones??

An interesting tidbit about this was made from trees that were knocked down by Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Rita hit our area pretty hard and knocked down a lot of oak trees at my inlaws' house. My FIL had the trees cut into lumber. WAH-LA! My cutting table! Isn't that cool?

The next few pictures are from a community Easter egg hunt. I would have thought that the girls would have ended up with the bigger spoils. But nope, my sweet boy was the big hunter. They had TONS of eggs just scattered about. The girls would pick up one or two and then move on. WHAT??? Not my boy though. He was picking up every dang egg within arm's reach. He didn't move on until there was nothing left. Teach those girls a thing are two. My oldest (the one sporting the basketball uniform) was too interested in the "trivia" portion of the program. They asked questions about different kids shows. My child knew all the answers and won several prizes. Do you think that means I let them watch too much tv or that she is really smart? I think she is just really smart. :)

We ended up with tons of erasers, army men, rings, stamps, and lots of free kids' meals to several restaurants. Way to go kids!

They are just spilling out he had so many!

These next few shots were me just playing around. I love azaela bushes. This one is the one in our front yard. LOVE all the colors! I just think clouds are cool.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!