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Friday, April 25, 2008

My Sweet Mollee......

Mollee is so much like me that it actually scares me sometimes. We were on our way to my parents' house tonight for some boiled crawfish (I don't eat it but Troy LOVES it) and she and Ethan were having an argument in the backseat. Man those two have some stamina. We had no idea what they were arguing about so Troy asked her what the problem was. She told him, in her very serious voice "Don't worry about it." It took everything I could to hold in the burst of laughter. I was like uh-oh!! I am going to get an earfull now. Why, you ask? Because I am constantly telling the kids that. If one kid is getting in trouble, one or both of the others are always sooo nosy wanting to know what they did and why were they in trouble. I am constantly telling them "Don't worry about it." BAHAHAHAHA! I told Troy "I guess she told you!" and he responded "I wonder where she got that?" SIGHHHHHHHHHH! I am creating a monster! :)