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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Days of School

Well, my crew is all back to school. Baylee started yesterday and Mollee and Ethan started today. Can you tell Baylee is my tomboy? This was her idea of getting "dressed up." LOL! I can't even get her to LOOK at anything boutique without a grimace (unless it has denim in it). Thank goodness Mollee still loves boutique stuff. Now......please make sure you take a good look at Ethan's expressions. He was EXTREMELY excited to be going to school. He has the same teacher that my girls had and he is very familiar with her and her classroom. So when I finally downloaded the pics, I was surprised to see his expression. Maybe it was just butterflies?? Mollee, on the other hand, did not want to take the time for me to get any pictures in her classroom. As soon as she walked into her classroom, she was a woman on a mission. Completely focused on getting down to business. Baylee wouldn't even let us walk her to class much less get any pics. So pics of the kids (except for Ethan) in front of the garage before leaving was all I was getting for this year. :(

Baylee is super excited to be heading back to school. I have told her a gazillion times that tennis don't go with capris. LOL! She doesn't care. I guess that is good that she doesn't care what other people think but still...........

Mr. Handsome.

What is up with that terrified expression??

Some goofy kids I got there. Karen (brecki*girl) made Mollee's fabulous top. I started a matching decoupage skirt to go with it but when my sewing machine went ca-put, I wasn't quite done with it. :( So, she will have to wear that later. Thanks Karen! :)

Another goofy expression by Ethan. Mollee was the only one with a normal expression on her face.

Hope everyone else has a great first day of school!!