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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Week in Review

More like a aweek and a half. It has been a busy two weeks for us. The kids have had a lot of school activities, birthdays, snake findings, the list goes on and on. Ethan's class had a field trip to the fire station and the kids had a lot of fun touring the facility. I wonder how many boys wanted to be firemen by the time they all left? Mollee also had her first music program. She did so good! Here are a few pics from our activities.

Picture of my beautiful Baylee. I can't believe she will be 9 soon.

Baylee and her friend Kelcie (aka as the snake finder - see below)

Ethan and his class at the fire station.

My little fireman.

Mollee at your program.

And the garter snake that Kelcie found. Ethan comes running in the house telling me (and acting it all out as he is telling it) that the snake snapped at Smokey (our neighbors cat) and bit it. We head outside to check it out and Kelcie has the snake on a stick (insert rolling eyes). Don't these kids know NOT to mess with snakes? LOL! sister was there and she said that she heard an old wives tale that if you burn a snake on your property, you won't have a problem with snakes any more. So we head to the backyard to burn it. Whether or not it burned, I have no idea. It slithered away into the branch pile and I have no idea what happened to it. A part of me almost felt bad about doing that. Almost. Not a fan of snakes.

Did the pics make you shudder? They do me!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!