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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had a great Halloween! The kids were very excited this year because last year, Baylee and Ethan were sick and didn't get to go. Baylee was Sharpay from HSM 3, Mollee was Hannah Montanna and Ethan was Optimus Prime (Transformers). Of course we got way too much candy but the kids are making a real go of it when it comes to eating it.

The trick-or-treaters right before heading out.

My little Transformer.

Paw-Paw gave him a dollar. That works. :)

Sweet Mollee (I mean Hannah).

My sister also decided to dress up her Pit Bull, D'Bo and take him trick-or-treating with us. He did really good. He is such a sweet dog. Just like a toddler. Wants to do nothing but play!

My sister dressed up too as a corrections officer.

My monkeys, D'Bo and my godchild, Alex.

Trick-or-Treat, Smell my Feet.....

Action shot. Mollee and Ethan ran up to every single house. Baylee took her time. They were pooped out after only two streets! LOL!

Hope everyone got lots of goodies! :)