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Monday, November 10, 2008

New Email and a School Project

OMGoodness....changing your email address is a PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT! I knew it was going to be a headache, but didn't realize that it was going to be THAT big of a pain. It is done though. I just hope that my new email notification went out to the 1300 people in my address book. I am sure that LOTS of those people were probably like "Who is this?" since my email program will save every email address that you just reply to one time. Poor people. I am apologizing in advance if you could care less about my new email. But for those that DO care (all 4 of you), my new email is:

Please make a note in your address book!

On a good note, we finally got satellite today! WOO HOO!! I am sooooo excited to have DVR. I finally feel like I am in the present. Hehe. Now I just need to figure it all out.

And last, but certainly not least.......Ethan's most recent school project. With Thanksgiving coming, Ethan came home with a picture of a turkey. The assignment was to disguise the turkey by making him something different. When I asked Ethan what he wanted to disguise his turkey as he said "_______ ________." We decided to tear apart paper and layer it on in paper mache format (but not all smoothed out). I think it turned out pretty dang cute. Do yall know what it is??? Leave me a comment with your guess and I will do a random generator to pick a winner to receive a $5 gift certificate good towards any purchase made from my Etsy store. I will pick on Friday.