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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Picture Share Plus a SNEAK PEEK!

Well, here I go again.....more holiday pics. I am almost done editing. Just need to do Christmas Day. Of course, there are a ton! I got a little camera happy! LOL! I am sure there are some of you that can relate???

The kiddos before heading out to the Prioux Christmas party. There was gumbo, chicken and dumplings, homemade bread and lots of sweets! It was yummy as always!

We finished up the night setting out cookies for Santa. Baylee decided that we need to leave one cookie (which were actually chocolate covered pretzels) from each of us. She didn't want to leave more because she thought Santa might get full since he eats so many cookies on Christmas Eve. I want her to stay this way FOREVER!! This is our "Santa" plate (thanks to Aunt Sarah) that we use every year.

Ethan opening his Christmas Eve present. He wasn't too excited about PJs until he saw it was Batman PJs complete with a CAPE! Yep, that perked him up a bit.

I think the anticipation for Mollee was better than the gift itself. She also got some PJs. She liked them but was hoping it would have been a toy. LOL!

Baylee loved hers! She is ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) in need of PJs. She grows too fast.

And lastly......a sneak peek of some new products I will have available starting tomorrow along with a introductory discount and GIVEAWAY!! YAY! Be sure and check back tomorrow for details. You won't want to miss it!