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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Family Stuff

Looking back on my blog I have noticed that most of my recent posts were business, business, business. Nothing wrong with that but I thought it was time for some family stuff. Basketball just ended for Ethan and now we are gearing up for basketball for the girls, softball for the girls and Ethan starts baseball this year. With Troy coaching softball AND basketball and me coaching softball, I have a feeling my blog will probably take a hit. :( Just a head's up! Yesterday was our first basketball games for the girls. I would share some pics except that I didn't take any. LOL! I totally just got too involved in the games to stop and take some. I will take some next week though. Mollee and her team came back and ended up winning their game. Baylee and her team were not quite as lucky. Those girls fought sooooo hard though and ended up losing by 1 point! It was heartbreaking but man it was a ton of fun to watch!

I do have a few pics to share. Out of all three of my kids, only Baylee's class had a Valentine's party. The two little ones' school only allows a certain number of parties a year and Valentine's didn't make the cut. :( That is one of my all time favorite parties too. So I will only be sharing V-Day pics from Baylee's party.

This is Baylee with her teacher. We all just adore her!! Baylee is really thriving and enjoying school.

Baylee and some of her buds. I have no idea what Baylee is doing?? She gets that stuff from Troy. :)

Bay and another bud.

Ethan's little basketball team was so much fun to watch. There is nothing better in the world than watching 5 year olds play basketball. If you have any family members or friends involved in a program like we have here, I highly encourage you to go to one of the games. You will really enjoy yourself.

The boys had their awards ceremonies. Their trophies consist of bobble heads which seriously fits them to a tee. They are just a bundle of energy. Here are a few pics from the awards ceremony.

The boys patiently waiting to get called up for trophies.

In line for their trophies.

Troy introducing the boys. Can you tell which one is Ethan??