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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Neglecter - Getting Back on Track

I know, I know......I have been HORRIBLE about updating my blog. I think it has been 2 weeks since my last post? I apologize. Life just kept me very busy. So busy that I even shut down my Etsy shop to get caught up on orders and family stuff that needed my attention. Whew. And on top of that, it is Spring Break here this week. We have literally been doing something every single day this week. These kids bore very easily. Anyone else?? You would think the DVDs, MP3 players, video games, friends and outside stuff would be enough to keep them all busy. Nope. We have to be GONE and doing stuff to not get bored. We did Moody Gardens, my parents took them to the zoo, playdates, etc.... I am wiped out! One highlight though is my new ride. What do you think??

I love it!! It only took us about a month to find it but it was worth the wait. And the best part (according to the kids) is the tv. LOL! They actually don't mind riding in the car for longer periods of time.

And now on to business......a little something new.

This new product was inspired by a very sweet guy who was shopping for his wife. He was on the hunt for something to keep her lens cap in while shooting. She was not a fan of the lens cap strap so her hubby was looking for something else that would work. And wah-la! My new lens cap pouches! These new little goodies are perfect for ANY camera strap. I can make them to fit over your removable camera strap slipcovers or your camera's stock strap that came with the camera. You can move them around to anywhere on the strap. Pretty cool huh? Thanks Brad for the inspiration! I hope that your wife LOVES her goodies!!

Everyone else can find them here.

I have also added some Easter baskets if you missed them when they were listed on eBay. You can find those here.

My plan is to share some Moody Gardens pics within the next few days. I forgot my dang camera but my trusty iPhone saved the day! :)
Hope everyone is doing well!!!