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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Parties - WARNING: Picture Overload

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It is that time of year again! The kids all had their holiday parties on the same day so Troy and I had to split up. I was bummed to not be able to make Ethan's so no pictures to share from his.

Mollee's was first. Can I just say that I love her teacher? She is very observant and on top of things. But the best thing is that she is a lot of fun and good with the kids. One of the mom's in Mollee's class put together some Texas styled snowballs (flour in pantyhose). The whole class headed outside to the basketball courts and had a lot of fun time pounding each other with these homemade snowballs. And Mollee's teacher did not leave unscathed. She was the first person they all took off after. She was such a good sport. Mollee got a few good shots to the head/hair. We ended up having to hose her down with the air hose when we got home. It didn't help that her dear, sweet teacher used her as a shield. LOL! Soooooo much fun and a memory she will remember for a long time!! Be sure and click on the individual pictures to make them larger.

A few shots of Mollee being used as a shield by her teacher. :)

Some of their holiday projects included a few new ornaments made by the kids.

Mollee and her fantastic teacher!

Unfortunately, we will not be fitting in this outfit next year. :(

I even remembered to get a shot of Mollee and I. Can you tell she had her mouth full of some kind of goody?

And now on to my other little lady.....Baylee's party was much more low key. But let me tell you, the moms of this class sure know how to fill your bellies with good stuff. They had peppermint bark and chocolate rice crispy treats (my two faves), every kind of cookie imaginable, candy, sandwiches and other sugary goodness. The kids played a few games of bingo and won some great prizes. Overall, the kids had a blast.

Baylee and one of her best buds.

Getting ready to play bingo.

Baylee and I.

And last but not least, a pic of my girls together.

Sorry for the picture overload. Believe it or not, I did only share just a few. Hope everyone else had fun holiday parties as well!