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Friday, January 22, 2010

New Blog Sponsor - Meet Venezie Designs

Happy Friday everyone!! I am happy to introduce a new Priddy Creations blog sponsor. Please say hello to Karen of Venezie Designs!

Not only does she have beautifully handcrafted items including bags and aprons, but she also has her own line of patterns. Such a talented lady! Her site also features other popular patterns, fabric and finished items.

She just debuted her new website.....Venezie Designs and has it loaded with lots of great items.
A few of her patterns...I love her bag patterns!

And how about this super girly, flirty apron...

Venezie Designs also carries a variety of patterns made by Brassy Apple, Izzy & Ivy and Lila Tueller as well as a gorgeous designer fabrics.

Lots of GREAT handmade items to choose from.....

Karen was kind enough to tell us a little bit more about her and her business.  She has a great sense of humor and I enjoyed reading more about her.

1. Please tell us about your business (i.e., how long you have been doing it, how did you get started, etc...)?

I started my business about 4 years ago completely by accident. One day I decided to make a handbag. It only took me eight 2 hours to make. I was so impressed with myself I did what any modest person would. I totally gushed about it to all my girlfriends. They liked it and asked me to make one for them {naturally }ha ha. It kind of snowballed from there. For the next year I spent my evenings and weekends sewing. At the time I also had a 9-5 job. After 13 years, I got laid off. Not sure what to do, I started really focusing on my business and took it to where it is today.

2. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

I am a Capricorn who enjoys candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach...

No seriously, let's see... I share a home with my boyfriend. We live in Massachusetts with my 2 children. My son is 7 and my daughter is 4. I spend my days like most work at home mothers, juggling work, kids, a dog and housework. Notice how I listed housework last :)

3. Where do you draw your inspiration.

I am inspired from current fashions and craft trends. I am always thumbing through crafty magazine and books. I have recently discovered that I have a growing fondness for items with a vintage feel. Oddly enough I get my best ideas while I am in the shower {too much info? sorry}. I think it's because it's the only place I can be alone so I can actually complete a thought. However, it's not a great place to jot down ideas. I try to write in the steamy mirror but that eventually fades, forget trying to write on toilet paper, that's not happening. So by the time I get to sit down and get the ideas on paper I have forgotten bits and pieces and my once brilliant idea becomes not so brilliant any more. I guess the lesson here is to leave a pad and pen in the bathroom??

4. What goals have you set for your business for the upcoming year?

My goals are all over the place. Smaller goals like keeping my work space tidy to larger goals such as publishing more sewing patterns. I'd also like to learn some felting techniques. Did you see housework just get farther and farther down on the list??

5. Any advice for other designers and crafters out there who are looking to start their own business?

A big lesson that I learned late last year is that social networking is invaluable. Familiarize yourself with Twitter, Facebook, and blogging and use these tools. Not only are they great tools for marketing your product but you will get to know your clients as well as other business owners in your industry.

Thanks so much Karen for sharing!!  Best of luck with your gorgeous website!

And if all that above did not make her fabulous enough, Karen is also hosting a giveaway on her blog in celebration of her new website!  She is giving away ALL kinds of goodness.....a few of her patterns and fabric!  I already entered.  So head on over to her blog and enter!!  Tell her I sent you!  But before ya go, leave me a comment and tell me what from her website you are putting on your wish list.