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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Peek into My Studio

I thought I would share a peek into my home studio where all of my products are created.  This is my favorite room in the whole house.  It is one that is just MINE and I spend many, many hours in here.  It is connected to my office space and when hubs is working, I am able to still work and visit with him.  My kids also like to come in here, curl up on the floor and watch tv while I sew.  There have been many of stories and secrets shared from my kids while they are twirling around in my sewing chair.  Pure bliss I tell ya.

Over the years, I have collected lots of stuff that inspire me and bring me joy.  Some are purchased items by some extremely crafty people, some are things that I have made, some are gifts and some are unexpected treasures.

I love Fenton pieces.  My MIL collects Fenton and when I was out shopping with her one day, I fell in love with this Fenton basket.  It holds some handmade lotus flowers and other fabric pins.

I have said before that I collect pincushions.  This little bird is my most recent addition.  LOVE IT!!  I purchased it from Feltmates on Etsy.  The antiqued mirrors were an unexpected little treasure I picked up at a estate sale for a super good price.  Wasn't even looking for them specifically but they definitely caught my attention.

More little treasures that make me smile.

Now these have a long history.....when I was in middle school I collected Garfield everything.  The books were a fave but I even had bedding, a Garfield phone and lots of Garfield plush toys.  I was cleaning out a box my mom sent over when we moved a few years ago and came across these.  Penelope used to have a veil.  Brings back lots of great memories!

Another Estate Sale find.  The polkadots was an addition I added when I bought it.  It had some really old and dirty fabric on it.  Stores lots of great stuff.

More storage solutions.  I love my Longaberger bread rack.

I saw this print for the first time on Twitter.  A friend shared her recent purchase of it.  Although I am not a redhead, I had to have it!  I have two other The Dreamy Giraffe prints over my cutting table.

These three little green ceramics are some of my faves.  The bunny was a gift last year for Easter and I picked up the little owl salt & pepper shakers up in Canton.  Love them!

I am always keeping my eyes open for little treasures to add to my sewing studio.  If you see anything you think I may like, please let me know!!  I love "window" shopping.  :)

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my creative space.  What inspires you?