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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Family Picture Share & A Little Giddiness

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My family has added a new member to the crew.  Sweet Baby Grace made her debut last week at almost 41 weeks weighing in at 5 lbs 14 oz.  She is nothing but teeny tiny perfection.  I can't remember the last time I held a sweet baby that tiny!!  Mama and Daddy are super proud parents and my parents (pictured below) are a proud great aunt and great uncle.  I should have made dad adjust her so you could see her better (picture fail big time) but she was so content that I didn't want to mess with her.  LOL!

Congratulations to David and Erin on their new bundle of joy!!  I can't wait to sew some stuff for her!

My sweet boy is a very focused student when doing his homework at home.  His handwriting is neater than both girls and Troy's.  His teachers have even made comments about how neat he is.  You should see the concentation when he is working

All done.  Now it is time for Mama to make The Boy a haircut appointment.  He is starting to look a little Q-Tippish at the top.  :)

And on to the giddiness.....Quilts & More is probably my all-time favorite magazine.  It features a lot of quilt stuff (which I don't really do) but it also has TONS of other free patterns, tutorials and how-tos related to sewing.  Not to mention the pictures are perfect.  They don't publish every month (huge bummer) but it is worth the wait each time they do.  Another huge can't subscribe to this magazine.  If Quilts & More peeps are reading my blog (hahahahhaha) I would really love it if I could subscribe to this magazine and have it delivered to my house when it is published (hint, hint).  It really is fabulous.  Just look at all the great sneaks on the cover.

I bought this on my little shopping spree with my sister the other day.

Decided to snap a few pics of some that I am excited to try.  I have 2 notebooks FULL of Quilts & More projects on my "to-do" list.

Like how about this super cute little bib?  Perfect for the sweet baby pictured above.

And check out this great potholder using selvages.  We all have them and never know what to do with them (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger).  Super pumped about this one!

And this gorgeous bag.  This is about the extent of my "quilting."  I stress out way too much on the big projects.

And you all know I collect pincushions.  Wouldn't this look great in my sewing room?

Those are just a FEW of what is in this issue.  Go get one.  You won't be disappointed.

Next week, I will share what other good stuff I found while shopping with my sis.  I think hubs might ban me from shopping with her again.  :)

What projects are you working on right now?