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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nasty Anonymous Blog Comments (AKA Cowards)

 I got this anonymous blog comment today.
(click on it to make it larger).

When I first read it, I was just going to delete it.  But then I decided that this particular comment needed it's very own post on my blog.  Obviously the writer wanted people to read it.  They did  take the time to write and post it afterall.  And by the looks of it, they proofed it probably several times to make sure that all "I"s were dotted and all "T"s were crossed.  So I decided to share.  I am sure that there are lots of you who have to deal with cowards.

And my response is....I have no respect for anyone who is going to post nasty things behind an anonymous ID.  At least stand behind your comment and post under your real ID.  Otherwise, it is just sad.  You don't like what is on my blog?  It is simple....don't read it.  It you felt that strongly about things I have written on my blog, why would you even WANT to have me in your reader? 

I can only ponder why someone would take that much time out of their day to post this.  Obviously they have too much time on their hands.