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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Product

 Check me out....I am blogging on a weekend AND while at a softball tournament.  LOL!  We actually have a few minutes of down time at the hotel so I thought I would share a new product.  My father-in-law bought a new iPad and I have really enjoyed playing around with his.  He did not have any kind of sleeve or anything on his and I thought it might be easier for him to grip it if he had something thinner to hold on to.  Not only that, but it would also keep the back from getting scratched up.  So I made him one of these.....

He loved it!  I am calling it the iPad lap pad.  I still have some tweaking to do on the pattern but I will be offering these soon.  I will also be making sleeves (similar style to my eReader and laptop sleeves) to coordinate.  What do yall think?  Who has an iPad that wouldn't mind reviewing one these?  I am considering sending this product off for review to get some feedback.  I will hopefully be getting my own iPad soon!  :)

Also wanted to share a quick custom order.  It just makes me think of Spring and I am soooo ready for Spring.

I am hoping to add a listing for a custom camera bag this week as well as a listing or two for some custom laptop sleeves.  Finally have a chance to squeeze in a few custom orders.

Hope all is well with you and you have some fun plans for the weekend.  We just played two softball games and are about to head back to the ballpark for our third game.  Wish us luck!!