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Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Have a Few New Babies!!!

A stray kitty cat (who we thought was a boy) adopted us a few months ago.  Well, a few weeks ago, we realized our boy cat was really a girl.  And she was pregnant.  YIKES!  I am not a really a cat person but I will feed the strays.  All of the neighbors do.  Community cats.  HAHA!

This is mama cat, Oreo (kids named her....we name all the strays):

(please click on the pics to make them bigger)

She is a sweet cat but can be kinda stingy when it comes to food.  She will hiss and swipe at other cats if they try and share a bowl with her.  This only got worse as she got closer to her delivery date.

I started googling about pregnant cats, impending birth symptoms and taking care of newborn kittens.  WOW!  Now that was some interesting stuff.  I noticed a few days ago that the signs I was reading about were starting to happen so we figured it was close.  Then the night before Easter I had a dream that Oreo delivered the kittens.

Easter morning we woke up and Oreo was not meowing at the door asking to be fed like she normally is.  In fact, we didn't see her anywhere for hours.  We had a feeling she had the babies.  Turns out.....we were right.  She had them the night I had the dream and she had 4 sweet little kittens.  How weird is that??  She had them safely tucked away in the eaves of our garage.

We had to get a ladder and flashlight to see them.  By the time night started to come, I started getting antsy about them and their safety.  So my mom offered up one of her litter pails and we moved mama and the 4 babies into my sunroom.  They are soooo teeny!!  4 perfect little kittens.  And all 4 look totally different.

(This one is Mollee's favorite and we said she could keep one.  She named him/her Tigger).
The kids are totally pumped.  We told them they could keep one of them.  However, I am not sure we will be able to part with them.  Hoping I can talk friends into taking the others.

They are busy little bees.  Poor mama is exhausted.  If they aren't nursing they are in a "cat pile" or snuggled up to mama.  She is such a good mama too.  I tried to change out the towel and pulled one of them out.  She hauled butt to Troy and grabbed him/her by the neck and brought him back to safety.  LOL!

(This one is Baylee and I's favorite.  This one will be named Jagger if a boy and Charlotte if a girl)

Mama is starting to venture out more for longer periods of time.  But she doesn't go far.  And she is letting me pick them up a little for short periods of time (like 5 whole seconds).  LOL!  I just want to snuggle them up!

(this one looks like mama.  We call him/her Storm)

(this sweet little face we call Easter since they were born on Easter)

Aren't they sweet?