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Friday, April 4, 2008

School Fundraiser

We have been gearing up for a fundraising event for Mollee's school. Each class has to put together some sort of themed basket to contribute for a silent auction. I am one of the homeroom mom's for Mollee's class meaning that me and the other homeroom mom had to organize and figure it all out. We decided to focus on our little city and hit up local businesses for donations. Even though it was a time consuming endeavor, it paid off for us because we got so many donations we had to divide it up into three baskets. Over $1000 in donations. WOO HOO!! We are hoping that it will bring in a good chunk of moo-lah for the school. I ended up making a little bag to hold the "Around Town" donations. The "No Parents Allowed" basket included lots of stuff just for the kiddos and then my little "Giddy Up" wallet/envelope holds a fabulous 1 free week summer camp at a local ranch. Lots of goodies here.

Keep your fingers crossed that the fundraiser is a huge success!!