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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer is Truly Here...

....and some of my sanity is already gone. Gone are the days of shopping and running errands with one or no kids. I love running errands and shopping all by myself. :) But even with one kid, it really isn't that bad. It is going to be a long Summer. I had one (read....ONE) errand after picking up the girls from basketball camp (even the 5 minutes I was there I felt like a broken record...Ethan, don't climb on the goal...Ethan, don't touch that it is dirty and so on and so forth). I had to run to church to pick up the VBS forms. Baylee says she doesn't want to go. Mollee and Ethan do want to go. So, we are slowly trekking our way to the teeny tiny office and all of a sudden Mollee starts crying that she does not want to go. I told her we would discuss it in the car. Then she gets louder because I am still picking up the forms. Hello!! I am JUST picking up the forms. I have not enrolled you yet. It was a bit embarrassing and the poor secretary was probably wondering what is wrong with my kid and why doesn't she want to do something FUN. So now, I am not sure what will happen. They really enjoy it so I am not sure what caused her little meltdown.

Calgon.....take me AWAY!!!!!!