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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Designer Spotlight - Clayful Creations by Becky

This WONDERFUL lady is really who kick-started my obsession and passion for polymer clay beads. When I first met Becky, she was only making collectibles. The details were so amazing that I emailed her and asked her if she could make these in "bead" sizes. My very first purchase from her was a patriotic butterfly complete with wire antennas and amazing details. From that day on, I was HOOKED. Over the years I have made many purchases from Becky. Too many beads to even count and lots of collectibles for myself and for gifts. All of my kids have Becky ornaments and all of my kids' teachers have received at least one collectible made by Becky. You can find her in two places......Etsy and on eBay. If you are familiar with Becky's work, you what know I'm talking about. If you have yet to own anything made by Becky, you are really missing out on something amazing. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Some of my all time favorite things from Becky are:

Her calendar girls. I really need to complete my set. She makes these fantastic little ladies for each month of the year. I am a huge fan of whimsy and whimsical is one word I would use to describe Becky's polymer clay masterpieces.

Another favorite is this little guy. I was having a bad week and next thing I know.......this little guy arrived in my mailbox. Isn't he great?? A must have for any office space or craft room (which is where ALL of my Clayful Creations reside).

Here are just a few of her wonderful beads. All are perfection! These are some of the beads that I never got to use while making jewelry. But one good thing is that they will be up on auction for someone else to enjoy and create with.

One more little tid bit about Becky....when her items reach your doorstep, you will be just as blown away by her packaging as you are of the contents. Very professional and she goes through a lot of effort to make sure that your package reaches you safely and in perfect condition.
Thanks Becky for the many years of fabulous items. I am looking forward to ordering lots more!!