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Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly Girls!

So Mollee comes running into the office with a new hat. Of course, Baylee could not be outdone so she jumped at the chance to be silly and get in on the action. Can yall tell what the new hat really is? Leave me a comment and take a guess.

And I can't forget about my littlest girl. Isn't she sweet. This is where she hangs out with me when I have to work on the computer. She is such a little princess and spoiled rotten. And it isn't my fault. Troy is the W-O-R-S-T about spoiling her. She is a sweetie though.

Update on our little kitten, Scat. He is doing great! He went to the vet yesterday and was the perfect little gentlemen. He behaved and didn't even cry while the doc checked him out. The vet estimates him to be around 8-10 weeks old and said he is a healthly little guy. His little cut was actually a grub worm. I was like "a what??" Evidently it is a common thing because there was another kitten there at the same time that had the same issue. The unwanted grub has been removed and we have to put some medicine on it and give him antibiotics. I will share some pics soon.