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Friday, August 8, 2008

BATS and More Etsy Goodies

Did that get your attention? We recently went to Austin to visit some very good friends of ours and each night, in downtown Austin, people come from everywhere to watch the bats fly at dusk. It is quite amazing. There are around 1.5 MILLION (yep, MILLION) bats that fly out every single night from under this bridge. It is one thing that Austin is well known for. We took the kids to see and they thought it was sooooo cool (Troy and I agree). There were TONS of people there and I can't believe how many bats there were. It seemed like the stream of bats was never ending (I guess it kind of would be with 1.5 MILLION flying huh??). If you want to learn more about it, you can check it out here. They even have an ice hockey team named the Ice Bats. Forgive the pics.....they were taken with my iPhone and the lighting wasn't the best.

I promised that I would show you some more of my recently acquired Etsy goodies. These fabulous creations were made by Trina of ClassyNSassy. They are fan-tab-u-lous! I think everyone should have a set in their studios. The possibilities are endless! Take a peek at her store. I am sure that you will find something you can't live without. And be sure and tell her I sent ya!

Thanks Trina for the great blocks!! I love them! :)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4 (you get the picture!)