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Monday, October 6, 2008

Frustrated & Should Be Sewing

Why you ask? Because the dang insurance company keeps blowing us off. Our damage assessment adjustor came out over two weeks ago and we were told it shoudl take 10-14 days to hear from the adjustor regarding our damage and claim. Well, more than two weeks later and I still have not even had a phone call from our adjustor. I have called several times and I don't even know IF we even have an adjustor. Come on people! I realize that you have other people that also has claims, but if you just work your way down the list in order of claims placed, it shouldn't be that hard. We were claim #5 according to our damage assessment adjustor so I just don't get the hold up. Some of our repairs can wait but I don't like having no back fence when it backs up to a busy street with two dogs and three kids. I have decided that I will call them twice a day until I get some answers. I hate being pushy but I hate being blown off even more. So, instead of sewing like I should be doing, I am sitting here posting, listening to "Dangerous" by Kardinal Offshall on iTunes and obsessing about the dang insurance. Ok, done. I am trying to keep my twitching finger from dialing them again. Ooooh, better plan. I will call Troy and have him do it. Then if nothing, I will call them AGAIN this afternoon. Thanks for letting me rant.

UPDATE: Troy didn't answer so I called again. :) This time I at least got the name and extension to our adjust. Called him and left a very detailed, but nice, voicemail asking for a return call. Keep your fingers crossed that he calls me back SOON!