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Thursday, October 9, 2008

WARNING: Long Post. Ramblings About This and That

Well, lots of stuff to catch up on. I really should break this post up into several posts but I am scared that if I don't do it now, it may not get done. Ever have those days/weeks?

We went to 4 different places today to find us a football jersey. The kids will be running through the tunnel and singing the fight song at our football game tomorrow night and I decided Ethan needed a jersey. Nothing like waiting til the day before. I don't know why I do that to myself. Well, I did not find one. CORRECTION....found one but when I was walking to the cash register I realized it had a tear. And it was the only one they had. Figures. Teaches me. Lesson of the day....don't wait til the last minute.

The design group I am part of is having a launch starting today with a Toyland theme! Below is my contribution. I am NOT happy with the pictures at all. But they will have to do. :( The tote is very cute and comes with a removable flower pin for that extra girlish accessory! You can find my tote here. To find everyone's goodies, you can search StudioE or click here.

Mollee's party was a lot of fun and pretty stress-free. No drama, no tears, not fighting. Just the way I like things. There were a total of 5 girls (including mine) and that was the perfect number. No one felt left out and everyone got along.

The birthday girl with her little girlfriends about to blow out her candles.

The goody bags. We did a Hannah Montanna theme.

Singing on the PSP2 Sing Star (Eye of the Tiger). LMAO! That was soooo funny watching them do that.

The cake. Nope, did not bake this. I do love to bake but anything with icing I leave to my girlfriend Erin. This was actually a Wal-Mart cake and was really good. Chocolate cake with whipped icing.

Miss M dancing away. She was having a great time!

ADDITION: Sweet Mary pointed out that while Twittering I talked about my little makeover at the hands of the girls. They wanted to use real make-up, but since we were heading to church later that morning, I told them it would have to be pretend. The girls had a great time painting my toes and fixing my hair. Mollee likes to see how may clips and rubberbands she can put in my hair all at once. LOL! Don't look for a picture though.....I didn't take one!! Thanks Mary for the reminder! It was definitely a fun part of the party. :)

INSURANCE UPDATE (I put this last for those that really don't want to hear/read it): FINALLY talked to "the" people and found out we are good to go! So, we should be getting some stuff repaired next week. YAY! Persistence paid off. :D

Ok, I think I am done. I do have more stuff to post about but the pics to go with them are not edited yet. Lucky yall! Stay tuned.......