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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shootsac Deluxe Shooters Kit, Basic Black Neoprene Lens Bag plus interchangeable Baroque Cover

Shootsac Deluxe Shooters Kit, Basic Black Neoprene Lens Bag plus interchangeable Baroque Cover
I bought this a few months ago, tried it out once for an hour and decided that it wasn't what I was looking for. It is brand new. I paid over $200 for it which included shipping. I am asking $175 shipped for it. If you are interested, please email me directly at Here are the specs:

The Basic Shootsac is designed to be WORN comfortably like an article of clothing WHILE you shoot. Use your "traditional" camera bag to transport your gear - load up your Shootsac for active shooting. With 3 easy access lens pockets and 3 safety snap pockets this revolutionary lens bag will change the way you shoot. Keep your favorite lenses, compact flash cards, batteries, cell phone and other shooting necessities within arms reach instead of in your gear bag. The bag is made of wetsuit grade neoprene which gently wraps your lenses in individual protective pockets, keeping them safe from scratches and bumps while also conforming to your body. The patent pending body hugging design helps to ergonomically distribute the weight making the Shootsac comfortable enough to work in. The bag itself is low profile and non-obtrusive. It doesn't add bulk to your body, weigh you down or scream "camera equipment." The Deluxe Shootsac kit includes all the great functionality of the BASIC Shootsac PLUS an extra splash of FASHION. Chose from one of 9 best selling TRUE COLOR COVERS to quickly and easily match your outfit, your mood or your assignment. Remove the standard black Shootsac cover and add a True Color Cover. These fashionable covers are made of high-quality couture fabric lined with lent free, micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth. Now it's as easy and convenient to change the look of your bag as it is to change your lenses.

Expandable shoulder strap to fit any size torso comfortably.
3 One-handed Easy Access Lens pockets - designed for active shooters
3 Front pockets have elastic extenders to accommodate even your widest angle, prime lens, or lens shades.
3 Rear pockets are large enough to hold lenses but also feature safety snaps to secure smaller items.
3 ml wetsuit-grade neoprene divided into individual lens pockets to protect yourglass even without caps.
Detachable front cover for even easier access to your lenses.
O ring for attaching car keys and hooked accessories
Holds: 3 Lenses for easy access while shooting (including the 70-200 2.8 mm) - Flash - Extra Batteries - Battery Packs - Compact Flash Cards - Cell Phone - Business Cards - Personal Items