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Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Cheer - WARNING: Picture Overload

Just a warning......there are LOTS of pictures! I had a hard time picking which pics to share. I took a TON! This is post one of my holiday goodness. I haven't even downloaded Christmas Eve and Christmas morning pics. I really love this time of year. I love decorating, Christmas music, all the yummy food and especially the quality time with friends and family. This is our first Christmas without my grandma and she was extremely missed. She always made Christmas extra special. We made it through and still managed to have a wonderful holiday. I hope all of you did too.

First, as stated in a previous post, I got to visit with one of my very best friends, Sarah, and her son, Kaiman, who happens to be my godchild. Man, he really has grown up! It makes me feel old. LOL! He will be 17 in March and DRIVES! UGH! Where does the time go???

Kaiman and I. Just for reference, I am 5'8. Isn't he a handsome monster?

This is Sarah. I have known her since middle school and is also Mollee's godmother.

Sarah and her baby (SNIFF).

Ethan, Aunt Sarah and Sarah's nephew sweet baby B! Wish he would have been looking at the camera. He is a cutie!

Aunt Sarah and Baylee being festive!

Now on the school parties. We had three parties in two days. Whew did they wear us out! The kids had a lot of fun though and I am thrilled that all three kids have wonderful teachers and are really enjoying the school year.

Me & Bay.

Mollee and her teacher. We made the apron she is wearing.

My girls & I at Mollee's party.

Sweet Ethan and his pal, Miss M.

Baylee giving her teacher the apron we made her. Her teacher LOVES Pandas.

Baylee and one of her good buddies, Natalie.

Baylee and more of her gal pals.

Next, we have our annual Prioux family Christmas party. This party consists of German Chocolate cake for my dad's birthday, Popeye's Chicken, LOTS of sweet, a little liquor, some gift exchanging and LOTS of laughs! This year was no exception.

My sister and her kid, D'Bo.

The Priddy crew.

My godfather (my dad's brother), David.
My parents and the kiddos.

Ethan and his godfather, Michael (my cousin).
A shot of Michael after he opened his Christmas gift.

My sis, Stacy, and I.
Michael's daughter, Jacie.

David, Jr. and my dad. The apron was a Christmas gift (click on the pic to enlarge and read the apron). SUCH a guy gift (insert rolling eyes here).
Mollee, David, Jr. (Mollee's godfather) and his wife, Erin.

David's daughter, Danyelle.

My dad being a goof. He is a HUGE Cowboys fan. Troy is not. That is Troy getting the brunt of the joke under the shirt.
My Aunt Mary who has one of the best laughs!
And finally.....Dad blowing out the candles.

Like I said.....GREAT times! Looking forward to doing it again next year!
If you are still looking/reading, thanks for sticking with me! I will be back in a day or two with more pics.

Have a great weekend!