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Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Family Sharing

Ethan had his first game last weekend. Man I hate trying to get good indoor pics (with no flash) when gym lighting stinks! Only about half of the pics turned out. UGH! Anyone have any tips they want to share about how to get good indoor, action shots? Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyway, I got off track. LOL! Let me just say........5 year olds playing basketball is a HOOT! Troy is coaching their team and because 5 year boys can be a handful, I decided I should probably help him. It was soooooo much fun! The boys ALL looked like deers in headlights at first but then they started to get into the game. It was so much fun. We get to do it again tomorrow. They didn't win but they did have a good time. :)

Ethan is number 11. As part of their scoring system, they have to do drills. This one was the shuffle and pass drill. Too cute!

Ethan practicing his shooting.

More shooting.

More drills.

Now on to my pretty girls. Troy's grandma just turned 95 and we celebrated with a little party at the rehab place she is at because she had hip surgery a few days before her birthday. Just sharing a few pics of the girls.

Pretty Mollee.

Silly Baylee. Can you do that with your tongue (you know you are going to try)? I couldn't. If you were able to do it, leave me a comment and I will let Baylee know. She thinks she is the only one who has this talent! LOL!

Thanks for letting me share. Off to finish up my re-organization of fabrics in my sewing room. I think I need a bigger room. If Troy would ever finish the shop, I would be ALL SET! It is on his "honey do" list (and has been for at least a year). One of these days............