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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sooo Busted & an Audience

So I am sitting there sewing and I look over and see I have an audience. Smoky, my neighbor's cat, was peeking through my window. LOL! Then we had a little game of catch that finger where he tried to bat at my finger through the glass. He is sooo cute and a frisky little kitty.

Mollee is soooooo busted!! 1) The kids are not allowed to eat in the living room (except for the occasional popcorn for movies); 2) They are REALLY not allowed to eat ice cream in the living room; and 3) They are supposed to eat out of bowls not ice cream cartons. LOL! There was only a little left so I guess she decided why dirty a bowl??? Can you tell by her expression that she just realized I was there?? I am thinking the thought she would be done before I noticed??

Such a sweet girl! She was REALLY enjoying that ice cream.