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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, most of you have heard me complain and gripe on here and on Twitter about all the remodeling we have been doing to put the house on the market. We have lived here for 5 years and really I have hardly put anything on the walls. I don't know why. Just lazy I guess. Well, since we were going to put the house up, I figured I better finally do it to try and stage it a little better. NOW I remember why I haven't. UGH! It takes forever to find "just the right" artwork, pictures, etc...... I made it my mission to work on the master bedroom, the living room and kitchen. Over a 3 day time period, I think I went to 10 stores looking for "just the right" pieces. I think I went to Hobby Lobby 4 times! That seems to be where I hit the motherload. But it did take me FOUR trips to find just the right thing. Below are a few of my finds. Still needs some work but I am at least happy with the progress so far. And get this.....we decided we aren't going to move afterall. BAHAHAHAHAHA! But at least now my house will look like I want it! You can click on the pic to make it larger. My BEST find....vinyl lettering on clearance at Stein Mart for $7 (that includes tax). My favorite find....the bench I found in Canton (which has been sitting in my sunroom collecting dust until now). New molding in my living room is not far behind. Our house had dark, stained molding throughout the WHOLE thing. Thank goodness at least half of it is gone now!

We still have lots of work to do but we did finally get the new roof. Once the molding is completely done in the master bedroom, we are moving on to closing in the shop for my new sewing studio and remodeling the sunroom. Ahhhhh the joys of owning your own home!!

Happy Saturday everyone! My boys celebrate their birthdays tomorrow (Ethan will be 6 and Troy will be *#&$*#).