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Saturday, August 29, 2009

And they're off!

Welp, my kids finally started back to school. I ain't gonna lie.......mama is super happy! I know that sounds horrible but we are ALL much happier with school starting up again. The kids were getting sick of each other and bored. So it worked out great all around. The biggest adjustment is getting everyone up and out the door so early and the craziness of dropping off 3 kids at 3 different schools. It wouldn't be so bad if they started and ended at different times. But nope, they all start and end at the same time. Right now it takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get them all picked up. Hoping things settle down after a few weeks.

The kids all love their teachers and are happy to be with friends again. Baylee came home with homework the second day of school. They don't joke around in 4th grade. She is loving it though.

Mollee's teacher is great and has a great sense of humor. We had the pleasure of getting to know her and her family last year when Troy coached her daughter in basketball. I really think it will be a fun year for Mollee.

Ethan is in our local T-1 program (transitional first grade). Because is so young, he qualified for this program and we are extremely happy about that. His teacher is fantastic! She seems to have endless amounts of patience and I think he will do well.

And if that wasn't enough.......all three started soccer. This all three of mine's first year playing. Practices 4 out of 5 days of the week. So we have had a very busy first week back to school!!

Here are a few pics from our first day.

Sweet Mollee.

Beautiful Baylee. She has always been my little tomboy but this year she has started to girly up a little more. Except for the shoes. Loves her Converse! :)

The girls showing off their first day of school duds. They picked them out. :)

Ethan and his teacher.

My cheesy, little handsome monkey!

Hope everyone had wonderful first days of schools and all you mamas and dads held up ok.