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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Outing - Gator Country

The kids enjoyed their last "before school starts" activity at Gator Country with their dad. I opted out of this activity because 1) It is too dang hot and 2) it gives me the creeps. I have been once with the kids and I am fine with letting that be a kids and dad trip.

My kids are fearless and sometimes that scares the crud of out me. See that camera in the picture below? Evidently they are filming some show about Gator Country that will air on CMT in March. The kids might be tv stars!! :) son who is not scared of ANYTHING. little tomboy and who doesn't mind getting dirty. cautious child who everyone once in a while will surprise me.

That gator is "Big Al." Supposedly he is the biggest one there. I will take their word for it.

I did this once....held a baby gator. After 2 seconds I was ready to get rid of it but wimpy Troy (that would be my hubby) wouldn't take it from me and I ended up having to hold it for about 5 minutes because every time I tried to lean down and put him in the pool, he would wiggle and I was scared he would bite me! FINALLY the guide there took him from me. NEVER again!

The kids really enjoyed it though so that is all that matters.

So what does everyone have planned this week? My kids start school tomorrow (doing a jig as I type) and I have lots to do this week.

My "to do" list consists of:

* My first ever baby quilt for this sweet little boy.

One of my closest friends just had her third. This handsome little guy named Cannon.

* Finishing up a messenger bag
* A shirt to go with one of Mollee's skirts
* More baby goodies

I am also "testing" a new eBook that will be out before long. I can't wait to give it a try. More on that later!

Happy Sunday everyone!!