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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Goals & Resolutions

Every year I try to think of goals and resolutions I want to reach/set for myself and my business.  Things that will make my life and my family's life a little easier.  Something that will make 2010 special for all of us.  Some I reach, some not so much.  So here it goes for 2010:

Personal Goals:

 1. Learning to not sweat the small stuff;

2. Making more time for silly stuff with the kids instead always feeling like I need to be productive (whether that be around the house or with my business);

3. Making sure every day my kids know how much they mean to me;

4. Letting my husband know on a regular basis how much I appreciate his unconditional love and support;

5. Reading more;

6. Making more time with friends and family;

7. Being stronger financially;

8. Finishing some home improvement projects that have been on my "to do" list for a LONG time;

9. Staying on top of laundry; and

10. Getting my body and mind healthier.

For my Business:

1. Getting my website updated and re-stocked and keeping it that way;

2. Increase sales;

3. Advertising more;

4. Blogging more;

5. Giving away more goodies;

6. Creating at least 3 brand new products for Priddy Creations;

7. Help promote other handmade designers (cause we gotta support each other);

8. Be using my Mac exclusively for all of the above;

9. Branching out for my business (maybe a completely new line);

10. Making sure that I continue to LOVE what I do and not let it fall into a chore where it isn't fun any more.

What are some of your resolutions??