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Monday, February 22, 2010

Around the House

My poor, poor house has been much neglected lately.  I was able to get some stuff done on Sunday but never did get to this.......

Can I just say how much I loathe laundry?  I don't mind the washing and drying.  It is the folding and putting away that I just don't like.  And with a family of five, we have ALOT of laundry.  The above pic is just the kids' stuff.  Thank goodness the kids can help pick up theirs.

I was able to knock out a lot, but still have all this and another basket to do tomorrow.....

And please answer me this the heck does the washer/dryer eat socks?  These are all the socks that don't have a partner.  I mean, seriously!

So when I am feeling laundry overwhelmed and the kids are changing clothes multiple times a day, I walk by this and remember how blessed I am:

A good friend of mine gave this too me last Summer and I love it!

And the kids do try (sometimes).  I mean, look how good my 6 year old can make his bed.....a little crooked but at least it is made.  :D

And just in case the framed picture doesn't help make me smile, there are always these pictures in my hallway to really make me giggle.....

I was lazy and snapped pictures of the pictures cause I didn't want to take them out of frames and scan them in.  These were taken when my kids were between the ages of 6-9 months old.  Man I forgot how big my kids were when they were babies!  

Doesn't Mollee look like a little Sharpei (sp??) puppy?  Look at those rolls.  She didn't have hair until well after her 1st birthday.

And Ethan peed during his little shoot.  LOL!  Thankfully it was my stuff he peed on.  We called him "Thunder Thighs."  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  The funny thing is that all of my kids are really thin now.  But they sure did start off little chunky monkeys.

What makes you smile on days where you just want to run away from home or hide in a closet?