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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Feature: Little Pink Posies

Meet Leigh of Little Pink Posies.

I am such a sucker for custom, whimsical creations.  This little shop is right up my alley.  Unique, bright colors, creative and very eye catching.  Her little customized doll pendants are what caught my eye initially.  But I soon found out that she makes way more cute stuff than that.  There are SEVERAL things I wouldn't mind having from Little Pink Posies.  Each one of her items are definitely sweet little treasures.

She has the cutest little wooden, hand-painted doll play sets.....

The details are fantastic! 

Beautiful floral headbands.....

I really love the color combos she uses.

And something on my personal wish list....this little wooden, hand-painted doll pendant is perfect for my Mollee.  My little blondie would love this!

And seriously, how cute is this little pendant?  What little girl wouldn't want this?

And the last little tease I am showing you is more gorgeous floral creations....her hair clips!  The perfect accessory for finishing off your little one's look.  Again, her color combinations are fantastic!!

That was only a peek.  You really need to check out her shop!

Leigh was gracious enough to share a little about her and her beautiful creations:

1. Please tell us about your business (i.e., how long you have been doing it, how did you get started, etc...)?
I’ve been designing accessories and jewelry for about two years now, but I’ve been creating things ever since I can remember.  I remember endlessly tearing through needlepoint kits as a child (the ones with the hard plastic canvas, the BIG plastic needle, yarn, and the plastic frame you popped the canvas into… remember those?)  I drew, colored, painted.. you name it. 
This business was literally a lifesaver for me.  After the births of both of my kids, I suffered through terrible post partum issues.  My doctor recommended that I start doing something for myself.  I started thinking about realizing my dream of starting my own creative business, and began to design a line of hair accessories.  One day I stumbled across these little wooden dolls and thought, “Hey, I could do something cute with those!”  And here I am, about a gazillion wooden dolls later.  
2. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.  
I am a crafter-turned-lawyer-turned-crafter living in New Jersey with my husband and two kids (after a long tour of the Midwest via Chicago and Cleveland).  My husband, Pat, is a hardworking guy whose job takes him on the road almost all week every week (another way this business is a saving grace – it fills all those evening hours when he’s gone!)  We have two fantastic children.  My son, Jack, recently turned six and is an aspiring author and illustrator (or, as he puts it, an “arfur and illustrator).  Seriously, the imagination on this kid is mind boggling!  We are currently penning his first book, “The Magic Coin.”  My daughter, McKenna, is three.  She is affectionately referred to as our “crazy baby,” and ironically, she refuses to wear just about any hair accessory.  She makes us laugh every day.
3. Where do you draw your inspiration.
Virtually everywhere.  My daughter’s clothes, illustrated storybooks, magazines… you name it.  The one thing I always try to do is put my unique spin on whatever it is that I’m working on so it’s something that you can’t find anywhere else.  

4. What goals have you set for your business for the upcoming year?
There are so many!  I have several product lines in mind that I really want to get launched – those are probably my highest priority.  I want to expand my retail presence.  Start my own website and blog.  *sigh*  So many goals, so little time!  

5. Do you sell on other venues other than Etsy?
Other than Etsy, I sell my products through various retailers all over the country.  I have plans to start hoofing it around my area to local children’s boutiques as well (yet another goal I haven’t had time for yet!) 
6. Any advice for other designers and crafters out there who are looking to start their own business?
Tons!  But two come immediately to mind.  First, research, research, research!  I learned very quickly that creating your product is only half the battle.  You need to figure out how you’re going to present that product, how you’re going to package it, how you’re going to market it… and the list goes on.  All of these things need to be done before you start selling anything.  I really think that professional presentation is one of the most important factors in achieving success.  
Second, create something you love.  A creative business is a tremendous amount of work, and if you don’t love what you’re doing, it will show.  Have fun!!!  

Thanks so much Leigh for sharing your talent with us!

Leigh has graciously offered FREE SHIPPING to all Priddy Creations readers.  Just let her know you saw her feature on my blog in the comments when ordering and she will refund your shipping.  This includes international shipping as well!  The free shipping is good until Wednesday, February 24.  So please take advantage of her generosity!!  :)

Now head on over to her shop and clean her out!!