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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Times They Are A Changin......

 The Priddy Crew is gearing up for a busy Spring and Summer season.  The busiest time of the year for us as a family.  Since my 3 crazy devils 3 perfectly behaved angels like to play sports (and by play sports I mean every sport they can) and hubs and I do not know how to say no, the crazy, what were we thinking super fun times will keep us all running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Don't get me wrong, we ALL love it.  But it is a super crazy time for us.  Starting in March, The Boy will be playing baseball (coach pitch.....he is super excited), Mollee will be playing basketball AND softball and Baylee will be playing league softball AND select (travel ball) softball.  She wanted to play basketball but that was just not humanly possible.  They kind of have us out numbered.

This pic was from 2 seasons ago.  She sure has grown.  Now we are gearing up for this year.

I made these headbands for the team.

The team shirts.  I kept it simple when designing these and a local print shop helped with the placement on the front and back.  We put the girls' names on the back.

And if that wasn't enough, both hubs and I are coaching at least one sport.  WHAT?  Factor in school stuff, my business, hubs' business, family stuff and my poor, neglected house, and you can see my predicament.  Something has to give.   Because this is what we will be doing......

Baylee made Allstars last year for league and we are hoping to do it again.  If that happens, this will put us playing softball til the end of July.  And that is just for league.  Select is year round.

The Boy starts coach pitch this year.  He is pumped.

So what does this all mean with regard to my website and Etsy shop?  More ready to ship items and less custom work.  Last year at this time I tried to do it all and it just wasn't possible.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed and SWORE I would never do that to myself again.  I really do not want to have to extend shipping timeframes and make customers wait longer than they already do.  I know how exciting it is to wait eagerly for a custom item and I really don't want to make customers wait longer than my standard shipping times.  Customer service is a high priority for me and is not something I am willing to compromise.  If I take on a lot of custom work, that is exactly what I would have to do.  So what will I be listing?

*Custom Camera Straps
*Custom Lens Cozies
*Ready to Ship Camera Bags (all sizes)
*Ready to Ship Lens Keeper Bags
*Custom Lens Cap Leashes & Pouches

I will more than likely offer one CUSTOM camera bag listing per month (more if time allows).  But for the most part, camera bags will be ready to ship.  I am actually excited about this because I am hoping to work on projects that have been in my sketchbook for MONTHS!  I am really itching to create NEW products!  Hopefully by the time it is all said and done, all of you will lots more options from Priddy Creations.  So if you have been holding out on placing that custom order, now would be the time to get it in.  Starting March 1, custom work will be few and far between with regards to my camera and lens bags.

Another thing I will be doing is slowly moving my inventory from Etsy to my website.  My husband has been nagging encouraging me to make the change for a gazillion two years.  This will be a SLOW process but you will slowly start seeing less and less in my Etsy shop.  I am in the process of cleaning up my website and it takes time.  I am such a perfectionist and want all my "I"s dotted and my "T"s crossed.  Especially on my home page.  Afterall, that is the first impression of your business.  So pictures being 5 different sizes DOES NOT make for a clean or professional look.  I want a cohesive, clean look.

So that is the deal-e-o.  I promise I am not disappearing.  Just scaling back and prioritizing some things.  Hopefully a few brand spankin' new items will come to fruition during this time.

And speaking of more ready to ship stuff, I just listed 3 new COORDINATING items on my website that are all READY TO SHIP.  There was a mix up on fabric selections for a custom order so now I have this great, coordinating set looking for a new home!  Buy all 3 and I will ship for free!!

**Medium Sized Camera Bag with Removable Divider
**Battery Keeper/Small Accessory Bag
**Standard Camera Strap Slipcover

You can find all three here.

So who else out there is nuts like we are?  What is your busiest family time of the year?

Also, I would love to hear what you all would like to see in the way of new products?  Or how about what you would like to see on my blog?  I will be sharing our crazy journey with you and would love to hear what other fun stuff you would like to see more of on my blog.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you want to see!