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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Polymer Clay Button Magnet Tutorial

Polymer Clay Button Magnet Tutorial

This fun tutorial will show you how to turn some of your favorite buttons into functional pieces of art!  It started out like this.....

I bought this little set of magnets with its own magnet strip from The Container Store.  Before I bought this, I used post-it notes to keep track of my custom order "to do" list.  Well, I got tired of the post-its and wanted something fun.  I saw this magnet strip and knew it was perfect if a bit boring.

So then I found these in Tessa Ann's shop.........

Once I saw these I knew what I wanted to do.  So I got to work.

This is the perfect project for kids to help out with!!  A fun little craft that won't take very long!

Supplies Needed:

Product Adhesive

I recommend and used E-6000 for the adhesive.  Magnets can be found at pretty much any craft store.  Make sure they are smaller than the buttons you are using.

You can click on the pics if you need a better view.

Squeeze a SMALL amount of adhesive onto one side of the magnet.  Don't put too much because when you apply it to the back of the button, it will spread out on the magnet.

Once bead of adhesive is on magnet, press back of button onto magnet and set aside to dry with magnet facing up.

Repeat this step until all buttons are done.  When setting aside, be sure and spread the magnets apart from each other at least a few inches.  Otherwise, they may end up sticking to each other (yes, speaking from experience).  I had to pry apart two buttons because I had set them too close and one jumped to the other.  :)

Follow manufacturer's instructions for dry time.  E-6000 calls for 24-72 hours for permanent bond to set.  Since it was such a small bead of adhesive, I only waited 24 hours.

And wa-la!  You are done.  Perfect little pieces of eye candy that are actually functional as well as pretty!  I could make these all day long!

Enjoy!  If you make any, please come back and share!!

A side note, but it is an important one....while this tutorial is meant for sharing, please do not claim credit for the tutorial and post as your own.  Please provide a link back to me if sharing on your blog or other venue.  Thanks!!