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Friday, March 5, 2010

Kickin' It REALLY Old School

You 'member (as Ethan would say it) Little House on the Prairie?  That was one of my all time favorite series (shows & books) growing up.

Mollee's class was studying the "old" ways in school (including Little House) and curling your hair with rags is one thing they did with the girls.  Her teacher sent home a permission slip for parents to sign so that their daughter could participate in the exercise.  Then she took fabric scraps and tied all of the girls' hair in "rags" to make their hair curly.  They came home and slept with their hair like that for one night.  Once they got back to school, her teacher removed the rags to reveal some old fashioned curls.  Mollee's hair is so fine that it didn't hold a curl for long.  By the time that I saw her, it was just wavy.  But another little girl in her class had some awesome curls.  I thought it was a unique and super fun way to teach the kids about past methods of doing things.  I think that today's kids and society are so used to the technology that we don't always appreciate how far we have come and how much easier things are nowadays.  I loved that Mollee's teacher found a unique and fun way for them to learn.

Here is what Mollee looked like with her rags.  She looked really cute.  Kind of reminded me of a blonde Raggedy Ann.  And they stayed in really well.

Unfortunately, I did not get an after picture because her curls were gone by the time I picked her up from school.  But I do have a cute "modern" day pic of Mollee (sporting her new 'do).  Doesn't she look sassy and way older than 8?

And not be outdone, my oldest had to get in on the picture taking action.  I am telling you....she is a totally different kid since this haircut.  It cracks us up.

The hat is for something at school.  I promise to share pics of that.  :)

What fun things have your kids been learning in school?