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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stylin' & Profilin' - The Priddy Girls' New 'Do

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We have had a fun week enjoying some girly things.  My hair has been in desperate (and I am not being overly dramatic) need of some TLC.  TLC in the way of a little color and a new cut.  The grays are really starting to depress me.  Not necessarily because of the color, but because they are these little wiry pieces of hair that spring up and announce "LOOK AT ME!!!!!"  Please tell me EVERYONE has this problem with their gray hairs?  

Anyway, I am a creature of comfort and most days you will find me in a t-shirt and track pants or gym shorts with my hair in a ponytail.  One of the perks of working at home.  :)  Who needs to dress up for pick-up at school or at the kids' sports practices??

But every once in a while even I get sick of looking at myself.  So it was time for a change.

Here is my before hair (taken a few months ago).  GASP!  I have on make-up!

I decided to go to a new hairdresser....Josh.  He is my new BFF.  I told him this is what I want (in no certain order):

1.  Must be colored in a way where it hides my gray as it grows out;
2.  No super light blonde highlights (I am too pale to pull that off); 
3.  Would love some red; and
4.  Must be long enough for my hair to go in a ponytail (I spend way too much time at the ballpark or in a gym).

Otherwise, he was free to do what he wanted.  This is what he did:

SUPER HAPPY with him right now!   

He gave me bangs.  Something I was a little nervous about.  I haven't had bangs since middle school.  But thankfully he kept them long and they don't really look like bangs.  

Notice the t-shirt?  Yep, my uniform.  Please ignore the no make-up.  Another perk of working at home.  But please DO notice my new Tamron lens!  :D  It came a day early.  So I was able to snap all the pics of the girls with it.

It doesn't really show off the highlights and lowlights but I LOVE it!!

When I got home, my oldest (Baylee, age 10) could not stop touching it.  LOL!  Who woulda thought that my getting my hair cut would cause this kind of reaction.  She is my little tomboy and made me promise to make an appoint for her and Mollee to get their hair cut.  Easy was past due for them too.

So yesterday, I took the girls.  They were giddy with excitement.  Sometimes they are sooooo easy to please.

Here is their before picture (taken right before their cuts):

Baylee went first.  Mollee was nervous.

And we LOVE what Josh did.  I have never seen Baylee so excited about her appearance (remember....she is the tomboy).

Baylee's after hair:

And no, she did not get any color.  The sun was hitting her hair when I took this picture.

The back:

We love the layers.

Mollee went next.  She was so serious during the whole thing.  I don't know if she was just being shy or nervous.

And here is her after hair:

We both love it!!  He wanted to do a more fun, bob style but we have to be able to pull it up in a ponytail.  Too many sports activities not to.

And the girls showing off their new 'dos. All of us were really happy with them!

Baylee is so excited to show all her friends her new haircut.  Mollee is much more subdued about it all.  Funny how different they are.

HEALTH UPDATE:  Mollee went back to school yesterday and Ethan went back today.  WOO freakin' HOO!!  It has been a long week so far and I am so happy that my kids are finally feeling better and we can all get back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

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Happy Thursday everyone!!