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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mail and a Shopping Spree with Some FABULOUS Finds (cheap too!)

I love mail.  I have since I was young.  Even though bills and junk come in the mail, I still love it!  So I am one of those people that happily checks my mail everyday (rain or shine).

I finally got my new MOO cards in the mail.  I updated my cards with pictures of some new products.  I love how they turned out.

(click on pictures to make them larger)

So if you purchase something from Priddy Creations, you will have at least one of these really cool cards in your package.  :D  Keep 'em or pass them on!

Another thing I love.....fabric giveaways.  Like the one Traci of Hip Fabric hosted on her blog.

And guess what?  I actually won!  So excited to make something with these gorgeous fabrics.

And look what else I got in the mail recently.....a fabulous business card holder by cpcreations4you.

Love it!!

A lot of people ask me why I purchase items that I can make myself.  There are two reasons......1) Because sometimes I just don't want to sew for myself (it is nice to splurge once in a while) and 2) Because I like to support other handmade and work at home sellers, designers and moms.  I think it is important to support this industry of extremely talented and hard working women.

Another thing I love......super great deals!!  I found LOTS of these on my shopping trip/girls' day out with my sister.

I got this little porcelain flower statue at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off.  Regular price was $4.99 so I basically got this for under $3.00.  Not bad for a little ray of sunshine in my sewing room.  It looks great!

And check out these great supplies!  I got these at Michael's for $1-2 each.  WHAT?  Yep!!  They had a whole aisle of stuff $5.00 and under.

The little checkered book is various sized post-its.

How cool is that?  You can throw it in your purse if you want.

And check out these......

My office is done in red, white and black so the item on the left is perfect for it.  It is a notepad with a faux, pebble grain finish.  $5.00 for a TON of pages.  However, I will admit that I have yet to write in it.  It is still a little too new.  I promise I will get over it though and it will get used. I am kind of OCD like that with new stuff.

The luggage tag was a $1.00 and is now residing on my pitching bucket for softball (see....I can get over my quirks sometimes).  There are at least 2 other parents on Baylee's softball team that have the same exact bucket and we are always trying to figure out which ones belong to who.  So this will help out tremendously.

Now these purchases were not part of the "cheap deal" but I did have coupons for a little discount.  :)  I love the top fabric and can't wait to create something with it!!  And nope.......the tulle will NOT be used on any of my products.  :D  Just in case you were wondering.  It is part of my packaging.

I do have some brand spankin' new designs I am itching to work on so hopefully you will see some sneaks of those soon.

Anyone find any good deals lately?