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Monday, March 8, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane and a Giveaway!

Comments are closed for entry into the giveaway, but please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions on what you would like to see from Priddy Creations.  I may adopt your suggestion and give one away on my blog!!

Every year I always try to come up with new goals, both personally and professionally, with regard to my business and sewing projects.  Sometimes it can be frustrating.  So I decided to take a look back to where it all started for me.  It really helped pick me up.  I have come a long way since I started.

Before fabric and sewn items, I made/sold custom jewelry:

I specialized mostly in children's jewelry but also made lots of women's jewelry as well.  Specifically pieces featuring polymer clay beads.  I did this for MANY years on eBay before finding Etsy.  I ended up switching gears and traded in my beads for fabric and a sewing machine.

My very first sale on Etsy (sold February of 2008).  It was a fun tote that I LOVED!  This bag took me FOREVER!  I wanted everything to be perfect.  I was so proud of the finished product!

My most popular style bag (still to this day):

My very first camera strap (sold March of 2008).  I collaborated with a photographer friend of mine on the details of this product.

My first wristlet pouch (June of 2008):

First reversible strap sold in November of 2008:

After making camera straps, totes and other small accessories for a while, I decided I wanted to expand my photography accessory products.  My first camera bag sold in January of 2009.  This was a VERY exciting time for me.  I have since tweaked my original pattern and have made it better.

One of my more recent camera bags:

My first lens cozy sold in January of 2009 as well.  It didn't take me long to tweak this pattern as well.

A more recent lens cozy.  Can you tell what the biggest difference is?

My lens cap straps were born because of a personal need.  I was constantly misplacing my lens cap.  But I really did not want the plain and boring elastic lens leashes that were being commercially manufactured.  So I came up with something more fun and just as functional.

My first lens cap strap/leash sold in February 2009.

I had a customer contact me requesting something to help keep their lens cap stored while shooting.  However, they didn't really want to have the lens cap hanging on their camera while shooting.  They were planning on purchasing a camera strap as well and they wanted to know if I could make something that could be placed on their strap but be removable.  That is when my lens cap pouch was born.  

My first lens cap pouch sold in March of 2009.

I have also added small camera bags, lens keeper bags, CF card wallets, point and shoot camera/gadget bags, many different styled totes and other accessories to my inventory.

When taking a look at how far I have come, it makes me feel much better when I get stumped on creating the next innovative and original design to add to my product line.  I can honestly feel proud of my accomplishments (personally AND professionally) and see lots of progress in keeping my business moving forward.  Priddy Creations has come a long way and I am happy to say I am not done yet.  I already have a few new products in the works.

A lot of what I do is inspired by customer suggestions and inspiration.  So keep inspiring and challenging me.  Keep sending me those emails.  Keep pushing me to create new and exciting new products.  And most of all, thanks for all of your support and loyalty.  It means a lot!

And to make it even more fun, how about a giveaway (U.S. and Canada residents only please)?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to see next from Priddy Creations (it does not have to be photography related).  Your suggestion will enter you in the giveaway to win this:

My own personal copy of Blogging for Bliss (in other words, it is used....not a brand new copy).  But I promise I took good care of it.  :)  It has a wealth of information for all bloggers!

So let me know what you would like to see next!  Customers are a big part of my inspiration!  I may even decide to give away the products suggested if I end up adopting them into my product line.

Only one entry per person please!   Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 13.