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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shop Feature: Keyka Lou Patterns

I am always looking for fabulous patterns to get my craft on.  I was NOT disappointed when I was introduced by a Twitter friend to this fabulous pattern designer.

Keyka Lou has a wide array of patterns to fit MANY needs.  From grocery bags to camera bags, there is something for everyone from this talented lady.

Another great thing about Keyka Lou is that she actually lets the buyer resale the finished product.  All that she asks is that you give her credit for the pattern in the written description and that the item is handmade by you (not mass produced).  How awesome is that?  A lot of pattern designers only allow for personal use.  All of her patterns are emailed to you in PDF format.  Perfect if you are like me and want instant gratification!  :)

With that in mind, her camera bag pattern was the perfect pattern for some point and shoot camera bags to add to my inventory.  So, that was my first purchase.

It was a very simple, easy to follow pattern.  I highly recommend giving one of her patterns a try!  Her instructions are clear and simple and the pictures are great for expanding on the text instructions.

This is the one I made:

Some other great patterns she offers....

Pocket Clutch

(I think this one might be my next purchase).

Zip Pouch

Her newest pattern....The Reusable Grocery Bag

Just a Pinch Pot Holder

Garden Party Wristlet

Isn't the bow adorable?

Now that I have given you a taste of what she has to offer, let me formally introduce you to Michelle.  The designer behind Keyka Lou Patterns:

1.  Please tell us about your business (i.e., how long you have been doing it, how did you get started, etc...)?

In 2006 I stumbled across etsy and thought it might be a good place to sell a few of the things I had sewn.  So I signed up and pretty quickly made my first sale.  It was really exciting to sell something I'd made, so I added more things to my shop and the sales kept coming.  It was definitely slow going in the beginning, but making a sale every week or two kept me interested in moving forward.  Now four years later, my business has grown a lot and also changed a lot along the way.  Over time, my focus shifted from selling finished products to selling the patterns for my designs.  Drafting pattern pieces and writing instructions feels like my "calling" and I'm more and more excited about my business all the time.

2. How did you get started drafting patterns?

My shop had been open on etsy for almost two years when someone asked to buy the pattern to make a passport cover listed in my shop.  It hadn't crossed my mind to make patterns, but thought I'd give it a try.  It was a lot more complicated than I imagined, but I got the first one done.  Then people started asking for the patterns for other things in my shop, so I just kept making them.  Two years later, I have more than 20 patterns and add one new each month.  You can find my patterns at or in my etsy shop (  I also have a sewing blog where I post sewing tips and share lots of fabric photos (    

3.  Do you sell finished products using your patterns?

My focus is exclusively on patterns these days, but I do sell some of the samples made when designing the patterns.  My patterns include commercial rights to sell finished products made with them, so when I get a request for the finished product, I pass that business along to my customers.  It works out nicely for everyone.  

4.  What is your favorite pattern?

Right now, my favorite is the Grocery Bag pattern (  Maybe it is my favorite because it is my newest pattern, but it is also easy to make, sews up quickly and is really useful.  Like a lot of people who craft, I have a very practical side and love to make things that fill a need.  I've used my own grocery bag quite a bit, and having my own cute bag to take to the store has inspired me to get in the habit of taking it along.  

5.  Any advice for other designers and crafters out there who are looking to start their own business?

Make the best product you can and then just jump in and open an account on etsy, ArtFire, Dawanda or another site.  Start small and don't worry about not knowing everything about how to run a business in the beginning.  So much of it you will learn as you go along.  It really is a fun adventure and if you stay interested and involved it will just unfold as you go along.

Michelle has graciously offered 20% off ALL purchases made from her website to Priddy Creations readers.  All you need to do is enter PC20 at checkout to receive the discount.

Discount is good through Wednesday, March 17 ONLY!!

 Thanks Michelle for sharing your talent!!  I know that I have enjoyed designing with your pattern.

So everyone head on over to her website and take a look around.  Leave me a comment and let me know which pattern is your favorite!  

Please remember that the 20% off discount is ONLY available on her website.  Not her Etsy shop.  Happy Shopping!