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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Play Ball! and A Feature

I am going to start this post with a little biz-ness!  Priddy Creations was featured on a fabulous blog featuring lots of talented Mom-Preneurs.......Tip Junkie!  Priddy Creations was featured during her "Tip Me Tuesday" post.  Be sure and check it out!  Lots of fun shops, great tips and tutorials.

Now on to The Boy.....

I am finally getting around to editing and uploading Ethan's first baseball game.  He is doing coach pitch this year and doing pretty good.  The games last about 1.5 hours and after about the first 45-60 minutes, you have lost The Boy.  He is bored and doing what most bored 6 year olds silly!  But the first part of the game, we are playing baseball!!

Cheese mama!!

Here is The Boy "baseball ready."  The boys don't all have "real" positions.  They play all of the boys every inning even if there are more boys than positions.  It is great at this age because their attention span is so short.  They look like little ants on the field though cause there are so many of them on such a small field.

And who said there was nothing to dance about at a baseball game?  Ethan can ALWAYS find a reason to dance.  And the boy has some moves!  We were seriously cracking up because one minute he was baseball ready and the next he broke out in a little jig.  Love that boy!

Missed that one.  But good swing!

And we made it on base!

Coach said "Gimme five!"

He is doing great!!  The girls have started as well but haven't had a chance to get any pics yet.  Mollee's games tend to take place when Baylee is practicing or playing and since I am helping coach Baylee's team, I haven't had a chance to watch a whole game yet.  I will share pics of their games as well as soon as I get them.

The weather is warming up here.  Starting to feel like Spring!!