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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the Sewing Machine Hums.....

We had an unexpected free weekend this past weekend thanks to some nasty thunderstorms canceling Baylee's softball tournament.  I love softball (yall all know that) but I am not gonna lie......I was THRILLED.  Our schedule has been so crazy over the last few months that we ALL welcomed the break.  The competitor in me was a little bummed at first.  But it only lasted like 5 minutes.  :)

I took advantage and caught up on some personal sewing.  Troy was fantastic and pretty much let me hole up in my sewing room while he took care of everything else.  And by everything I mean laundry, kids, food and everything in between.  He isn't perfect (and I guess I should grudgingly admit that I am not either) but he was pretty dang close this weekend!  Thanks babe.

What did I sew?  Well between the three kids we have 6 teachers.  I made these for the kids' homeroom teachers.

I finished up matching key fobs yesterday to go with the bags.  I really do hope they like them.

Now what to do for Baylee's other 3 teachers......

I sent out a tweet on Twitter asking for some inspiration.  I *try* to do handmade gifts every chance I get.  My good friend, Tracy, said she did hot pads for her kids' teachers and they were a huge hit.  She even supplied me with a link to a fabulous tutorial (thanks Tracy!!!).  So I picked up all the supplies I needed and these are on my list for this week.  I am not sure which fabrics yet.  What are you favorites right now?? 

{picture credit: Sew4Home}

I also managed to finally get my sister-in-law's birthday present made (uhhhhh, her birthday was in February.....).

It includes a new option....the cinch strap.

I know, I know! What a SLACKER I am. I am sorry Jenn! I really hope it was worth the wait?

I have updated my Flickr Photostream with recent products.  Whew.  That took me a long time.  I really need to be better about updating that on a regular basis.  For those not familiar with is kind of a journal or gallery of pictures.  So any time you want to see different products of mine (or personal pictures), you can check there.  Most of my Flickr photostream consists of work stuff though and personal projects. 

After that was all done, I re-stocked my website with new products, added new options to existing inventory for more personal customization and re-listed some faves.

A very busy, but oh so productive and relaxing weekend for me.  I need more of those.

To come....lots of pictures from the kids' end of the year parties and activities.  I always take a ton of pictures so it will take me a little while to get those all edited and up on the blog.  I also have some CAYUTE pics of the kittens.  Are yall tired of seeing them yet?  They are now 6 weeks old.

Til next time....enjoy your week!