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Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Cuddly and Soft

Cuddly Kitten Update.....I promise I won't bore you to tears about them.  I mainly wanted to share these cute pics.  I am only missing Easter.  He didn't feel like getting his picture taken.  They are now 6 weeks old and ALL OVER THE PLACE!  You really have to be careful walking around them.  Nosy little boogers.

Meet Storm.  She is the lazy little girl.  She likes to play but really just wants to lounge.  And she is the fattest of the four.  I am in love with her.

This is Charlotte (aka TROUBLE).  This little turkey will get into ANY and EVERYTHING.  She is the most playful of the bunch.

And this is mellow Tigger.  He is pretty laid back.  Likes to play but is perfectly happy lounging and letting you rub him.  He is the most social one (him and Miss Trouble).  The others still don't really like to be held.

Aren't they sweet?

Now moving on to other "soft and cuddly" things.....some new products!!

I have just added a few new ruched knit camera straps.  Fashionable and easy on the neck.  Can't beat that combo.

You can find the black/white damask and hot pink ruched strap here.  I am taking customs so if you would like another color paired up with the damask, just shoot me an email.

The Chez Moi Posh and chocolate ruched strap can be found here.  Love this fabric line!

I will also be having a SALE on my website next week.  Kicker is that it is ONLY available to mailing list subscribers.  Is there something on your wish list you have been waiting for the right moment to purchase?  Sign up for my mailing list and get the details!!  You can sign up here.

I am still editing kid pictures.  Hopefully I will be sharing those soon!