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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Extremely Blessed - Mother's Day Continued

 I am extremely blessed.  And my kids and hubby went out of their way to make Mother's Day very special for me this year.  

Ethan broke out the hat he just bought for a solo part in their music program this week.  Yep, we wore it to lunch.  Baylee loves hats!

A few traditions that I look forward to every year......breakfast in bed and handmade goodies from the kids.

The kids started off the day with breakfast in bed that consisted of scrambled eggs with cheese and toast. Mollee also decided that I needed something sweet to go with it and added a rice crispy treat (YUM!). But before I could eat, they had to give me some goodies. The kids surprised me earlier in the week with a new iPad. Most of you know that it was on my wish list!

But Mother's Day morning they also gave me some handmade cards, coupons for little chores and things (to make the bed, pick up their room, for a massage.....LOL!) and some roses. Sweet, sweet babes!! My kids have very generous hearts and love buying gifts for others. Just this weekend Mollee spent some of her money on a sprinkler that all three of them could enjoy. Not just something she could enjoy. All of my kids are like that. I really am blessed.

You see what is #1?   "I love my Mom because she works so hard at sewing."  LOL!  You can click on the pics to make them larger.

This one really cracked me up!  I have a t-shirt that says exactly that with yellow softballs exactly where she has them.  And she even gave me highlights and lowlights just like my real hair.  How is that for details??

The coupons were a fun little surprise.  Notice that she put on there "1 time coupon"?  LMAO!  She wants to make sure I don't keep using the same one over and over.  I wonder if she will do like they do at Joanns when you use one of their coupons and tear it up?  I will keep you posted.

After breakfast, I finished reading a book that has taken me forever to read.  It was worth the time but I am glad to move on to my long list of books.

We headed to lunch with my sister, my parents and friends of the family.  My sister gave me a gorgeous silver angel figurine!  I was eyeing them a while back.  

 Me and my sister.

Got home from lunch and put my jammies back on.  Yep.  Total bum.  Troy kept the kids busy while I relaxed and caught up on some shows.  HEAVEN!  It was so nice to take a whole day off.