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Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School & Lunch Sack Tutorial Share

I really cannot believe that it is almost time to send the kids back to school.  Where did Summer go?  It really seemed to blow by this year.  More so than any others.  I guess that happens when you have kids who keep you on the run.  I seriously have not had a chance to catch my breath.

We received our school district flyer in the mail.  It has all the school supply lists, dates/times for orientations and teacher postings.  It is really nice because it includes ALL grades.  So I don't have to keep up with three different packets.  That makes my life easier.

Today we did all of our school supply shopping.  I did something different this year though.  I actually pulled out all of their supplies they came home with in May and decided to re-use supplies still in good condition.  I think it ended up saving me probably at least $25.  And when you are buying for 3 kids, that is pretty dang good.

I ain't gonna lie though....I love school supply shopping just as much as the kids.  I loved it when I was growing up.  There is nothing more fun than freshly sharpened, brand new pencils and a backpack and binder full of new supplies.   I big fuzzy <3 it!   

It is always a tad stressful if you wait too late to do it because supplies start running out.  We hit three different stores to get it all but I am happy to report that it is DONE and I will not have to make several trips to get everything.  One day.  That is a record for us.  One thing that threw me though.....Mollee needed 4 DOZEN pencils?  Why?  How can one kid possibly go through 4 DOZEN pencils?  She better come home with LOTS left over once school is out.  

The only thing left I need to do is make Baylee's messenger bag.  I am making one like Mollee's.....only with a different fabric.


Baylee's will also be made using a corduroy with various animal prints.  I will share when I am done.

And since we are on the topic of back to school and handmade things for it, how about this great tutorial for a lunch sack?

{photo courtesy of:  A Lemon Squeezy Home}

I might have to give it a try even though I ordered some super fun Goodbyn lunch boxes for the kids.  Aren't these adorable??

The kids LOVED them!

Now we will move on to school clothes shopping.  This is not quite as fun Baylee is between sizes and has to try on EVERYTHING.  Wish me luck!  Hoping to do it and still have some sanity left once all is said and done.

Are you ready for Back to School?