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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watch Deals

 So, my Ann Klein watch went ca-put.  I have been seeing these new silicone watches that I love.  The first one I saw was this Fossil one:

I LOVED it immediately.  Only problem was that it was $95.  OUCH!  I just can't make myself pay that much no matter how much I want it.  When I saw how much it was, I pouted.  I really wanted it.

Then a few days later at one of Baylee's softball practices I noticed one of the moms with a similar watch....only in gray.  It wasn't exactly like the Fossil watch but pretty dang close.  It was from Sam Moon.

And the best was $9.95.  YEP!  You heard that right.  I ended up getting the black one and a white one and still saved myself $75.  How great is that?  So that is my deal of the week!  Thought I would share!