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Monday, September 13, 2010


 This is something that has been in the works for a little while.  Took some time to find just the right spot for me.  And today it is official.  I am heading back to work full-time in the legal field.  I always knew it would happen once the kids got older.  And now that Ethan is in 1st grade, it is time!  I am excited and nervous!  It has been 5 years since I quit my last legal job to stay at home with the kids, work from home with Troy and pursue Priddy Creations on a more full-time basis.  Although with 3 kids, working with my husband and all the other mom duties, it never really did take on the full-time gig I had hoped.  But regardless, I am BLESSED and THANKFUL that I was able to do it at all!

What does that mean for Priddy Creations?  Well.....there will be some changes......effective pretty much immediately.  I will STILL be sewing.  Priddy Creations will still be a huge part of my life.  But some things will have to change.  First thing.....I will not be taking on any custom work over the next few weeks on my bigger items.  I need a few weeks to get myself settled in the new job and incorporate all the "mom" stuff along with going back to work full-time.  And I am hoping to do this as stress-free as possible.  

So, what will you see? More ready to ship stuff especially with regard to my camera bags.  That is probably the most drastic thing that will change right now.  Once things settle down, I will add them back to my inventory as I can squeeze them in.  As for the rest of my products....those won't change.  My turnaround time might increase though.  Probably from a few days to possibly a week for certain items.  The reason being is that most of my sewing will be on the weekends with very little done during the week.  Unfortunately, I can only do so much without something, somewhere, suffering.

Another thing that will response to emails will be done at night and on the weekends.  Not really a huge deal but just giving you a heads' up.

So here is my request from you.....if there is something that you would love to see as a ready to ship item, please let me know!!!  Since I will not be taking customs, this could be a good chance to work in what you want.  :)  You can email those requests to me at

I have mixed feelings about returning to work but am excited at this new adventure!  Wish me luck!!  And if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email!