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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turtle with a Death Wish

 So this morning I am in the middle of a substitute meeting when I get this picture emailed to me......

Somehow this little turtle got in our backyard and was driving the dogs BONKERS!  Sorry for the blurriness.  Troy said Daisy was just coming off of a poke with her nose and dodge.  LOL!  Troy rescued the turtle and moved it safely out of the backyard.  But not before the turtle clamped down on Daisy's nose one time. 

When the kids got home, they put the turtle in our front yard ditch.

Not long after the rescue, I hear this scratching noise at my front door.  We have two kittens that sometimes scratch at the front door.  So I open it up to get them a little rub down only to find that our turtle friend was the one scratching.  Huh?? This little turtle could boogy.  It was as snappy little turtle so I let it be until Troy came home.

Not 20 minutes later I hear the dogs freaking out.  The crazy turtle with a death wish had made its way around to the side of the house where the gate that leads to my backyard is.  Right by where the dogs are.

And I swear this turtle is an instigator.  See that gap above the turtle where the fence doesn't quite close?  Well guess who was there trying to snap and bite at the turtle?  Yep, the dogs.  And the funniest thing...the turtle was snapping right back.  By the time we left for soccer practice, the dumb turtle had wedged itself under the fence right by the dogs.  Thankfully Troy came to the rescue and he and the kids ended up relocating the turtle to the bayou not far from our house.

We do not need any more pets.  Talk about an interesting day!!  I did try and move the turtle one time and the little sucker snapped at me.  Of course I jumped and maybe screamed a little and the kids thought that was the funniest thing ever.  HAHAHAHAHA!  NOT!

Just thought I would share?  How was your Wednesday?

Before I go.....a little new product sneak peek that will hopefully end up in my shop over the weekend.

Have a great rest of the week!!