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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Highlights

We have had a very busy weekend over here. Most of the weekend consisted of errands, errands and MORE errands! I swear I felt like I spent most of Saturday in the car. I think the worst experience was the kids and I's little pitstop at Sonic. Out of the entire order, they only got the drinks right. WHAT?? It isn't that hard. I didn't even special order anything AND he read them back to me. So not only did we wait F-O-R-E-V-E-R for the food to begin with, then we had to wait some more because it was ALL wrong. Anyway, enough about that.

Father's Day was pretty good. We started off by cooking Troy breakfast (pancakes and scrambled eggs). I take that back....I cooked him breakfast. Baylee was all excited to help but then decided she would rather play her DS with Ethan than help me cook. Sooooo, around 10:00 a.m. (yep, you read that right), the kids woke up daddy to wish him a Happy Father's Day! After breakfast, we all loaded up to watch this:

I ain't gonna lie.....I was not that thrilled about seeing this movie. But I was PLEASANTLY surprised at how great it was. It was really funny (gotta love Jack Black) but not too goofy. I was also a worried about how Ethan would do. Sometimes he can sit through an entire movie and sometimes he can't. You just never know with him. But he sat through the entire thing. Two thumbs up from the Priddys. Highly recommended for some Summer entertainment.

After the movies we had more errands. I swear I am not leaving the house for a week (except to head to Bunco at a friends tomorrow night). :) We finished off the night at my parents' house for some links and hamburgers. And the best part about the day.......the kids stayed! WOO HOO!

Now here is a question to all of you.......Are you watching Design Star?? I am loving it so far. Already have me a fave and one I can't wait to see kicked off.

I can't wait to see Tracee go although Stephanie sure does cry alot. My fave is Matt.

What does everyone else think? Any ideas as to what makes all the judges jump in the preview for next week? Leave me a comment and let's all take a guess.