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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update on Us

We are now back online and just trying to put our property back together. We were very lucky! We lost our back and side privacy fences, we need a new roof and the doors to our shop and lawn equipment storage building was damaged and needs to be replaced. But thankfully, the house and we are fine.

Troy is working for FEMA again in the Houston/Galveston area and the damage is horrible. Some areas 20 minutes from us had 8 feet of water. He had to do some inspections in that area for some insurance companies and he said it stinks soooo bad. The water washed in eels, jelly fishes, alligators, etc... into people's ditches, pools and homes. I will include a link with pics of the destruction. Most of these pics are from areas that are within 20-90 miles from where I live. Orange and Port Arthur is 20 miles from my house and Crystal Beach/Galveston is where we used to have graduation weekend parties and spend Spring Break when we were in high school. Galveston is where Troy and I spent our first honeymoon night. :( We spent lots of time there growing up. If the surge would have been what they expected, we would have seen the same devastation that Crystal Beach and Galveston got. Orange and Bridge City (which are about 20-25 miles west of me) did see that kind of devastation from the surge. Even seeing the damage with my own eyes, I can't even imagine what all of these families are going through. I am just VERY thankful that we were so lucky.